5 Quick Tips for Social Media and Your Job Search

Recently on LinkedIn, a person asked how others were using LinkedIn and other “more personal” social media sites for their job search. The responses were helpful. One thing struck me though, and that was the fact that some mentioned that they keep their more personal info on Facebook and have LinkedIn and Twitter for a more professional brand.

While the intention is good, it’s important to keep in mind these five tips to help you protect your brand and your rep:

1. Know that whether you use Facebook for your pals or for business, 79% of employers do check out your social media before an interview. (Microsoft survey 12/2009)

2. 45% of employers use what they find online to eliminate candidates from consideration.

3. ANYTHING you put online stays there forever. Remember when you were a kid and they talked about your “permanent record?” Guess what, your online ID is your permanent record. (Think about Google’s “wayback machine.”)

4. It’s always a good idea to check your privacy settings and ensure they’re secure. However, if it’s online, chances are someone can find it. Especially watch the “places” feature on Facebook! You don’t want a pal to “check you in” – when you’re on a lunch interview.

5. Google yourself regularly to see what pops up. Put your name in quotes, like this “Wendy Terwelp” – then see what’s mentioned in the first three pages.

If you’d like more tips on how to use social media to get hired faster, email me at consultant@knocks.com for a FREE report. Yes, it’s really FREE! (If you also send along your snail mail address, I’ll include some extras.)

Graphic by SnapHappy Creative, LLC

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