Brand You World Summit

Hey! Exciting news. I’m one of the hosts for the Brand You World Summit celebrating 10 years of personal branding. Here’s the official info:

On November 8th “Team REACH” is providing 24 hours of free teleseminars with experts in the field of personal branding. Anyone in the world with a telephone will be able to participate in this live event.

In 1997, Tom Peters wrote “The Brand Called You” in Fast Company. Now 10 years later, the personal branding movement is firmly established as a revolutionary and evolutionary strategy for career management, professional, and personal success.

Whether you are a professional in an organization, an entrepreneur or an individual in career transition, personal branding has become synonymous with building our reputation and differentiating ourselves from our competitors.

In addition, HR managers and executives alike are challenged with the need to attract and retain great people in the well-publicized war for talent. Enabling people to develop and nurture their personal brand supports talent management strategies and ability to deliver business strategies.

The Details

“A Brand You World – Global TeleSummit” will take place on Thursday, 8th November 2007.

The event will run for a period of 12 hours commencing at the following times:

7 a.m. – Los Angeles
10 a.m. – New York
3 p.m. – London
4 p.m. – Paris
10 p.m. – Singapore

“A Brand You World – Global TeleSummit” consists of three content streams for:

Career Management Success
This stream is relevant for career professionals who want to apply personal branding strategies for career success. This content stream is also relevant for professionals in the field of career coaching, resume writing, and career counseling. There are nine sessions with expert speakers and three discussion panels.

Talent Management
This stream is relevant for HR professionals and business leaders who want to discover how to attract, develop, and retain talent through personal branding strategies. There are five sessions with expert speakers and one discussion panel.

This stream is applicable for business owners and solopreneurs who want to apply personal branding strategies to grow their business. There are five sessions with expert speakers and one discussion panel.

This event is being organized by a team of leaders in the field of personal branding.


Your kid’s blog can get you FIRED

Have you checked your kid’s blog lately? The content could get you fired.

That was the big news story on WTMJ Channel 4 in Milwaukee last night. They had stories from parents who were fired, turned down for promotions, demoted, and more based on what their kids said about them on blogs.

And the blog quotes from kids were things like, “My parents are lazy alcoholics,” “My dad does drugs,” and other wonders.

How did they get found out? Easy. Online search engines like Google. Online it is very easy to find out who someone is. Parents were found from the kids’ profiles, which they had filled out in detail on social networking sites like MySpace.

Advice to combat this situation?

1. Google yourself – and your kids. Find out what’s online. Uncover any digital dirt – and bury it.

2. Be sure your kids have all the privacy settings checked on their blogs.

3. Regularly check your kids’ blogs for content.

4. Talk with your kids and emphasize the importance of keeping private family matters off blogs.

5. Directly from WTMJ: “A note about privacy settings: Even if your kids turn their’s on when they send messages and pictures to friends, they have no control over whether those friends keep their page private. So the images and info may still get out there. “

Read the entire news story here.

FREE “How To” Guide to Networking

Did you know 61% to 85% of people land jobs through networking? No?! Get started on your network now. Here’s a free guide to help you courtesy of me, yours truly, and the writers of Career Hub. Enjoy!

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Get your copy here and check out other eBooks while you’re there. In these books, our experts (yep, I’m one of them) offer advice on job search, resume writing, and interviewing.

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PMA goes a long way to getting hired faster

Some have it some don’t. And it can dramatically affect results during your job search. What is PMA? Positive Mental Attitude.

Here’s a person who has ZERO PMA. Just got this today:

“I have mostly applied for B.S. jobs in the Milwaukee area, for supplemental income. In two weeks, I have had 1 response! I believe the economy to be much weaker than you imagine!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an updated resume sent to your company for possible second/third shift consideration.

I am interested in …. Please see that this document is forwarded to the correct personnel. If I hear back from you, then I know I will not be wasting my time filling out one of your applications / interviewing. [emphasis mine]…”

OK, first, we’re not hiring. Second, this is what constituted as a cover letter for this job candidate. Crappy attitude. That’s my impression. Who wants a Grumpy Gus on their team?

Some time ago I did a huge outplacement for a major utility company. I still remember the labor relations director’s tip: “I hire for attitude. You cannot teach attitude. You can teach a skill.”

Guess this guy’s going keep on having a tough time – unless he changes his ‘tude – and definitely his cover letter!

Recruiter Rants

Hi, this contribution is from Alice Hanson, former resume writer turned recruiter. Enjoy!  [Oh, and some side bar stuff from me, Wendy Terwelp]

It struck me today how far I’ve gone from resume writing and my former job in career coaching…It’s just a very different perspective here. I am hiring mid level technical contract positions. We get and fill about 10 jobs a day. With this kind of speed, there are some things that really drive me crazy…thought I would share. And a great resume is still a great asset-thanks to those who do them!

Recent pet peeves:

Applicants who don’t put their phone number in the Monster job ad…how am I supposed to call them? Do you want a job or what? Don’t be coy on me. I’ll call someone else and sometimes I don’t have time to mess with an email and wait for you to email back..the job will be closed by then or I will have submitted someone else. The market is really moving.

[Note: I must say, I too have been receiving resumes for review that have only a name listed as contact info. Hello! Read the above!]

Applicants who call back a week later expecting the job to still be there…uh, no, sorry.

Applicants who have nothing but soft skills on their resume. Even if they are a project manager or business
analyst or product manager or even a project coordinator, I want to know what type of projects, technical skills, and expertise they can manage:

Software development, networks, new products -what kind? What beside a PM are they? Don’t tell me they are “good with people.” What industry? What tools? What did you create? Give me all the alphabet soup. Are you a Linux guy or a MS guy? Database or Web/front end? .net or Java? If you test, have you done black box, white box, performance and load, UI or regression testing?

[In other words, provide specific examples of your projects – we call them “achievements.” Quick tip: Use the CAR technique – Challenge, Action, RESULT.]

Give me a grid of hard skills that I can match against the job desciption I’m sourcing…Get really specific and stick it in a chart with number of years used and the year it was used….very helpful….if I see the right skills, then I read the most recent job description and check the date of their last employed date and the job history.I hate resumes that are done in two column tables. Give it to me straight and direct. I just dump out all the formatting and stick it in our corporate format anyway..and tables make it harder..the hiring manager never sees your formatting if you go through a recruiter. 

[Now, now, there is SOME formatting – like paragraphs and bullets. 🙂 ) I don’t bother with profiles..and this makes me grimace after all the pain I used to put into picking the right adjective that “captured” the uniquness of my client…but I don’t mess with them…10 seconds of reading is very true..often I read the resume from the bottom up, looking for career history and how the candidate evolved. If the candidate makes it through my screen, the hiring manager may be interested in the profile so I guess profiles have a role. I determine
who the person is by the phone screen. Chronological formats, to the point, are my favorite…but they don’t hide much, so there you go.

[Time and time again I hear chronological is the fave. I personally use a combo, a few meaty statements in front and chronological info right after. To date, rave reviews from employers and recruiters alike. How do I know? My clients get hired. And sometimes the HR person who hired them becomes a client!]

Six page tech resumes can be fine, suprisingly. I had a Microsoft manager tell me the other day to take a one page resume and “give it more beef.” We had to add a lot of left out details to make the candidate look credible. The old adage–make the resume as long as it needs to be to make the candidate looks credible and worth the money they are asking.

[Six pages?! No way!]

Anyway, a perspective from my desk…thought I would share for what it is worth.– Alice Hanson