PMA goes a long way to getting hired faster

Some have it some don’t. And it can dramatically affect results during your job search. What is PMA? Positive Mental Attitude.

Here’s a person who has ZERO PMA. Just got this today:

“I have mostly applied for B.S. jobs in the Milwaukee area, for supplemental income. In two weeks, I have had 1 response! I believe the economy to be much weaker than you imagine!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an updated resume sent to your company for possible second/third shift consideration.

I am interested in …. Please see that this document is forwarded to the correct personnel. If I hear back from you, then I know I will not be wasting my time filling out one of your applications / interviewing. [emphasis mine]…”

OK, first, we’re not hiring. Second, this is what constituted as a cover letter for this job candidate. Crappy attitude. That’s my impression. Who wants a Grumpy Gus on their team?

Some time ago I did a huge outplacement for a major utility company. I still remember the labor relations director’s tip: “I hire for attitude. You cannot teach attitude. You can teach a skill.”

Guess this guy’s going keep on having a tough time – unless he changes his ‘tude – and definitely his cover letter!

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