Wisconsin expects 1 million jobs to fill by 2016

THURSDAY, May 29, 2008, 10:04 a.m.
By Joel Dresang

Wisconsin expects to have nearly 1 million jobs to fill by 2016, including more than 680,000 positions vacated by workers retiring or moving to other occupations, according to projections released today.

The projections, from the Department of Workforce Development Office of Economic Advisors, offer the latest employment forecasts for occupations and industries in Wisconsin, including wage information and typical job requirements.

“We are continuing to grow our economy in the face of national economic challenges, creating good-paying job opportunities for hard-working Wisconsin families,” Gov. Jim Doyle said in a statement. “As many students are graduating, and some workers are upgrading their skills, or learning new skills, it’s important for them to know that the demand for skilled workers is high in many areas of our economy.”

Among occupations offering above-average wages, registered nurses will have 21,800 openings, elementary school teachers 9,600, carpenters 7,000, and welders 3,600.

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Employer Brands: Google and Starbucks

Saw this article in today’s ERE Exchange and online ezine for recruiters. Kevin gets it!

Five ways to build your employer brand

Thursday, May 29, 2008 | by Kevin Wheeler

Why are people attracted to companies like Google and Starbucks? Is it money? Opportunity? Or maybe for the bragging rights?

Certainly a few candidates are drawn by these superficial attractors, but more are subtly drawn by what Google really does and by what it stands for. I call this the organization’s cause.

Google’s cause is free information. It represents the 21st century approach to information: open, free for all, easy to access, and organized in logical ways. That is why Google has purchased YouTube and that is why it has Google Earth and Google Images and Google Docs.

Whether you are interested in visual or verbal data, Google has it all. All its core businesses are focused around this central principle or cause.

And more people are attracted to causes than things.


Personal Branding – and Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa said, “Be who you is and not who you ain’t, cuz if you is who you ain’t you ain’t who you is.”


And who wants to be hired based on who they ain’t? ‘Cause then they’re expected to do what they can’t. The whole concept of personal branding is based on authenticity – not spin. Spin leaves you unhappy. Spin leaves you with unfulfilled expectations. Spin is fake.


Who are you? What do you value? What are you passionate about? What’s your vision for the world – and for yourself?


How can you bring this to your next gig? Or current one?


What can you do right now to play to your strengths more and your weaknesses less?


Take action. Be who you is.


Online social networking helps land interviews!

Abridged: Reuters.com

AUSTIN, TX — Job seekers should tap into online networking sites to help hunt down potential employers, new surveys suggest. The polls, conducted in Canada and the United States on behalf of California-based recruitment firm Robert Half International, showed that most executives believe that professional networking sites will prove useful over the next three years for job seekers.

Networking sites can be used to identify new career opportunities, create online profiles that highlight one’s skills and experience and build a roster of business contacts over time. Of 100 senior executives interviewed, 67 percent said they thought professional networking sites — such as LinkedIn — were useful for recruiting new employees, and 25 percent said they thought social networking sites like Facebook would be useful.

Although online networking can play a role in helping people to find work, job seekers should continue to use traditional job-hunting methods. In today’s competitive job market, you can’t afford to leave any stone unturned. “Tried and true methods, such as networking at industry events, submitting well-written resumes and cover letters, and diligently following up with hiring managers are still essential to landing the ideal job.


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