Wisconsin expects 1 million jobs to fill by 2016

THURSDAY, May 29, 2008, 10:04 a.m.
By Joel Dresang

Wisconsin expects to have nearly 1 million jobs to fill by 2016, including more than 680,000 positions vacated by workers retiring or moving to other occupations, according to projections released today.

The projections, from the Department of Workforce Development Office of Economic Advisors, offer the latest employment forecasts for occupations and industries in Wisconsin, including wage information and typical job requirements.

“We are continuing to grow our economy in the face of national economic challenges, creating good-paying job opportunities for hard-working Wisconsin families,” Gov. Jim Doyle said in a statement. “As many students are graduating, and some workers are upgrading their skills, or learning new skills, it’s important for them to know that the demand for skilled workers is high in many areas of our economy.”

Among occupations offering above-average wages, registered nurses will have 21,800 openings, elementary school teachers 9,600, carpenters 7,000, and welders 3,600.

Click here to view the report.

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