Take Action – be in the top 5%

Courtesy of Marcia Yudkin, www.yudkin.com

When L.A. filmmaker Jeff Bollow moved to Sydney, Australia a couple of years ago, he planned to launch an independent feature film studio but couldn’t find enough commercially suitable screenplays. To beef up the supply, he began teaching screenwriting workshops in his new homeland.

Four years later, he had trained 641 workshop participants, but he still did not have a dependable stable of screenwriters. Although nearly everyone in the workshops loved the training, less than 5% of participants did anything with what they learned.

From what I’ve observed, this outcome has nothing to do with Australia or with screenwriting. It’s human nature. And where Bollow lamented his 95% wasted energy, I see vast opportunity for the 5%.

Taking action on what you know puts you ahead of the majority of your peers. Many know how to attract publicity, for instance, but just let that knowledge sit. When you not only take action, but do it well, you’ll find yourself way, way ahead of colleagues.

Ignoring all the usual excuses may be the most powerful step you take!


What can I say? Marcia rocks! This advice is essential when job hunting. Don’t just pour over internet ads – NETWORK. Take action. Be creative. For more ideas, check out our newsroom at www.knocks.com/news.html.