Pay Gap – Are women responsible?

By Pat Schuler, Business Development Coach & Sales Trainer

Do we, as women, need to take responsibility for the fact that we earn on average 80 cents for every dollar that men earn?

An article at MSNBC today talks about the pay gap and very interesting research about women professionals, in this case veterinarians.  It seems women are more likely to make accomodations based on ability to pay, and desire to create or strengthen relationships.  Men in the same study offered the same fee no matter what the circumstances.  One thing the article didn’t report on was whether this was a successful strategy for the women professionals – did they have longer relationships, greater client retention than their male peers? 

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Job hunters, what’s in your online profile?

By Michelle Jarboe of

Junior Angel Wyatt, 20, is leading a UNCG orientation seminar about how students can use the social-networking Web site Facebook without subjecting themselves to unwanted — and potentially career-damaging — attention.

Her message: Take to the Web and have a good time, but watch your step — and what is posted about you. Others have their eyes on you.

Make a clean exit from your current employer

“Na na na na, Na na na na, Hey, Hey, Hey Goodbye,” the employee sang as he waived like a rock star at everyone and walked out the door.

Not the best way to leave your current employment. Maintaining a professional approach to your work after giving your notice can help keep your career on track. Experts say making negative comments and leaving on short notice can damage a worker’s reputation and future job opportunities.

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Why Small Businesses Rock

Saw this article and had to pass it on:

Being big isn’t what it used to be for business.

Mega status once mattered in all kinds of ways. Sprawling buildings, giant law firms and big accounting firms were the vogue.

“And then small happened,” writes Seth Godin.

Godin is the author of Small is the New Big: And the 183 Other Riffs, Rants, and Remarkable Business Ideas.

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50 Behavior Based Interview Questions

“Past performance predicts future productivity,” say employers and recruiters. How do hiring decision makers determine your past performance? Through behavior based interview questions.

Here’s an updated list for 2018 of 50 questions recruiters and employers ask job candidates to determine behaviors that revolve around various qualities employers seek such as leadership, initiative, work quality, and more.

Challenge: Select a few of the behavior-based interview questions and develop your own examples (achievement statements) that prove your performance with a focus on results that moved the needle for your organization. Tell a story that demonstrates the Challenge, Action, and Results you achieved, which relate to the behavior employers want to see when they ask a specific behavior-based question. Results are especially important. Employers like to know you can contribute to their bottom line as this quickly demonstrates a return on your salary when they hire you.