Facebook & Privacy: What are your thoughts?

One of my clients asked: “Do you find that Facebook is the place for networking? I tend to want to keep that behavior focused on Linked In, as I don’t use that environment in the same way…”

My reply:
First, I am a huge fan of LinkedIn, especially for professional networking and job search. However, Facebook is fast becoming the “next best thing” for the 35 and older crowd. Here is a chance to let your personality shine. But no matter where you are online, it is important to keep it professional. 83% of employers Google their employees and interview candidates, so the chance that you can be found online is a pretty sure thing.

As you know, anything online goes on your “permanent record” – just like we were told in grade school! Only, with things like the Wayback Machine and other resources, it is actually true.

Whatever you put out there online, think, “What would my mom say about that?” or “What would my boss think about that?”

I do think you are smart in tightening up your privacy settings. Very smart! I think it gives you a little more freedom.

Let me know your thoughts. – W.

Alfred Knopf Jr. Authored His Own Career

Courtesy of Forbes.com

It doesn’t always matter what your dad did. You can make your own way, based on who you are, and your personal brand. Here’s the Knopf story, courtesy of Forbes.com:

An industry struggling to turn the page lost one of its preeminent publishers on Saturday. Alfred A. Knopf Jr., who died at the age of 90 from complications related to a fall in mid-January, shared his name with his father–considered one of literature’s foremost publishers–and his parents’ prominent publishing house. The junior Knopf, however, preferred to go by “Pat” and despite being heir apparent to the family business, started a publishing company of his own with two friends.

In 1959, the younger Knopf established Atheneum Publishers with Simon Michael Bessie, then a senior editor at Harper & Brothers, and Hiram Hayden, Random House’s editor-in-chief. Although the company never attained the same level of success as his father’s house, which published works by D.H. Lawrence, T.S. Eliot and Langston Hughes, best-sellers seemed to be in the blood.

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Top 5 Ways to be a Networking Superhero

Today’s post is courtesy of my pal, Phil Gerbyshak:

I am blessed to be able to connect with TONS of people around the world, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, I don’t know why people want to connect with me, but unless they are trying to sell me a watch, I’ll connect with them.

This week’s newsletter is actually because a new friend asked me about my tips on how SHE could become a networking super hero. I hope these tips are helpful for you – and for her!

1) Be who you are, forget who you are not – If you love pizza, say so, and don’t be afraid of it. If you’re shy, that’s okay, just listen. Whatever/whoever you are, focus on that.

2) Add value FIRST. If you want to connect with someone, share something with them that can add value to their life. Be it an article, a tip, another connection, whatever. Add some value FIRST.

3) Be open to possibilities – You never know who/what can add value to your life. Be open to whatever possibilities might happen, even if they seem less than awesome.

4) Smile always – whatever happens, happens. Smile and roll with it, and respond with a smile.

5) Know your brand – who you are, and what you know, is why people are connecting with you. Understand this, and leverage this. Use it, and have FUN.

Phil can be reached on his blog: http://philgerbyshak.com.


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White-collar workers hit by recession

Courtesy of JSOnline.com:

The number of unemployed white-collar workers is up 92% in the last 12 months, the steepest climb of any occupational group, according to the latest government data. Unemployment among college graduates is up 90% during the same font. »Read Full Article

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