Top 5 Ways to be a Networking Superhero

Today’s post is courtesy of my pal, Phil Gerbyshak:

I am blessed to be able to connect with TONS of people around the world, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, I don’t know why people want to connect with me, but unless they are trying to sell me a watch, I’ll connect with them.

This week’s newsletter is actually because a new friend asked me about my tips on how SHE could become a networking super hero. I hope these tips are helpful for you – and for her!

1) Be who you are, forget who you are not – If you love pizza, say so, and don’t be afraid of it. If you’re shy, that’s okay, just listen. Whatever/whoever you are, focus on that.

2) Add value FIRST. If you want to connect with someone, share something with them that can add value to their life. Be it an article, a tip, another connection, whatever. Add some value FIRST.

3) Be open to possibilities – You never know who/what can add value to your life. Be open to whatever possibilities might happen, even if they seem less than awesome.

4) Smile always – whatever happens, happens. Smile and roll with it, and respond with a smile.

5) Know your brand – who you are, and what you know, is why people are connecting with you. Understand this, and leverage this. Use it, and have FUN.

Phil can be reached on his blog:


Want more networking tips? Check out Wendy’s Top 10 here!

And if you want to check out a cool networking group, visit Facebook and check out Rock Your Network®. There’s one for job seekers and rock stars at work as well as one for career colleagues. Enjoy!

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