Milwaukee Business Buzz – I’m on the air!

I’m on the radio! Please listen in this week Friday, December 1, at 1 p.m. Central Standard Time as I am interviewed by Michael Dresser for the “Milwaukee Business Buzz” show. You can tune in from any computer here: . Click on Listen Live and there you are! Streamed right into the show.  

Hope to hear from you. Enjoy!

Oh, I should mention how I landed this gig. Yep, through networking. 🙂 You can learn more about networking in tomorrow’s teleclass. Check out the link in the previous post. 


Holiday Networking: Pass the Nuts and Your Resume, Please

You never know what can happen at holiday parties, who’s going to attend, who works for what company, and what the employment scoop may be, so buck up. It could be a gift waiting to be opened by you, and that gift could be a job.

The Don’ts: Don’t over indulge. No whining about your current jobless situation. It’s a turnoff. No begging either. Oliver Twist’s “more food please” doesn’t work when job hunting.

What works? Listening. Listen for opportunities, problems, or situations in a guest’s conversation. It could be a golden opportunity for you. One of my clients, an electrical engineer, was visiting a friend during Thanksgiving. My client’s friend, who was just hired at a software company, invited him for a tour. Next thing my client knew, he met the owners during the tour and was interviewing for a job the day after Thanksgiving! The interviewers had time to spend with my client because of the standard holiday shut down. He landed the job. Good thing he went to that holiday party. You could be next.

Check out our upcoming teleclass on networking. See you there!

Rock Your Network® Teleseminar

Just in time for the holidays – Rock Your Network!

Date:  Thursday, November 30, 2006

Time:  10-11:30 a.m. Pacific / 1-2:30 p.m. Eastern / 6-7:30 p.m. UK.

Description: Are you tired of attending networking function after networking function, and having nothing to show for it except of a bunch of business cards from people you don’t remember and don’t think will ever refer to you?  Stop it right now!  Networking is the number one way to build your business, IF you do it correctly, and 98% of the people out there are just plain doing it wrong. 

In this special one-time only teleseminar, you’ll hear from two experts, Wendy Terwelp & Ronnie Noize who will tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to build your business with nothing more than your business card and simply networking.  You’ll learn when, where, and how to network so that you can start booking more clients immediately

In this special 90-minute teleseminar you’ll learn:

  • Wendy Terwelp’s top 10 secrets for networking success
  • How to choose which networking group to join — and when to leave it!
  • How to network in social situations (like holiday parties)
  • How to make it rain referrals 
  • The two worst networking mistakes you can make 
  • Ronnie Noize’s secret networking strategy that completely filled her coaching practice in just 6 weeks
  • And more!

Most marketing and networking programs tell you networking is the best way to build your professional services business, but then they charge you an arm and a leg to learn how to do it — but not us!  Wendy and I promise to download everything you need to know to start networking the right way right now during this teleseminar, and you can even send us your questions before the seminar to be sure that they answered!

Register here!

Fantasy Football in the Work Place

Unless you’re Super Agent Arliss Michaels (of HBO’s Arli$$) or participating in an “approved” league at work, playing fantasy football on the job can get you ousted or jeapordize your employment. This article is courtesy of ezine: Poll Results

Last month we asked our visitors: Do you play fantasy football? If so, how many hours/week do you spend managing your fantasy team at work?THE RESULTS ARE IN:45 percent said: NONE
26 percent said: 1-2 HOURS/WEEK
14 percent said: 2-5 HOURS/WEEK
12 percent said: MORE THAN 10 HOURS/WEEK
3 percent said: 5-10 HOURS/WEEK

That’s a total of 54 percent of employees that are using company time to manage their fantasy teams!

Because of its vast popularity, fantasy football is bound to cross over into players’ work lives and some businesses even have inter-office fantasy leagues. Some managers may argue that the camaraderie gained by playing fantasy football at work outweighs the 10 or 20 minutes of lost productivity that it causes each day. However, the 12 percent of poll respondents that admitted to spending more than 10 hours per week managing their fantasy teams while at work may be pushing the limits of their employers’ tolerance.

Cover Letter Typos can kill employment chances

By Max Messmer in the Post Gazette Business News
When crafting your cover letter, you always want to paint yourself in a positive light by touting your strongest attributes. But before you place one finger on the keyboard, think about the message you want to send to a prospective employer. It should be focused, persuasive and, above all, enthusiastic.

Ask yourself the following questions to get you started: In which areas do I excel? What are my most noteworthy career accomplishments? How did I improve a job that I held in the past? The following candidate hurt his cause by emphasizing the negative:

COVER LETTER: “When I go to college, I will learn about and study a field I want to be a part of. This might help me quit my bad habit of slacking.”

A “relaxation studies” major.

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