Fantasy Football in the Work Place

Unless you’re Super Agent Arliss Michaels (of HBO’s Arli$$) or participating in an “approved” league at work, playing fantasy football on the job can get you ousted or jeapordize your employment. This article is courtesy of ezine: Poll Results

Last month we asked our visitors: Do you play fantasy football? If so, how many hours/week do you spend managing your fantasy team at work?THE RESULTS ARE IN:45 percent said: NONE
26 percent said: 1-2 HOURS/WEEK
14 percent said: 2-5 HOURS/WEEK
12 percent said: MORE THAN 10 HOURS/WEEK
3 percent said: 5-10 HOURS/WEEK

That’s a total of 54 percent of employees that are using company time to manage their fantasy teams!

Because of its vast popularity, fantasy football is bound to cross over into players’ work lives and some businesses even have inter-office fantasy leagues. Some managers may argue that the camaraderie gained by playing fantasy football at work outweighs the 10 or 20 minutes of lost productivity that it causes each day. However, the 12 percent of poll respondents that admitted to spending more than 10 hours per week managing their fantasy teams while at work may be pushing the limits of their employers’ tolerance.

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