Monday is Job Action Day 2008 – Count me in!

jobactionday.jpgI’m happy to announce that Quintessential Careers’ founder and publisher Randall S. Hansen has invited me to participate in Job Action Day 2008, which is set for this Monday, November 3rd. I’m excited to be a part of this “day for job-seekers and workers to confront the current economic crisis head-on and take action steps to improve their careers.” (Read the full press release here.)

Other career bloggers selected to participate include:

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Lindsey Pollak:
Barbara Safani: CareerSolvers
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Curt Rosengren: The M.A.P. Maker [Meaning Abundance & Passion]
Darrell Gurney: In The Line of Hire
Diane Danielson: THE WOMEN’SDISH with Diane & Friends
Jacob Share: JobMob
Louise Fletcher: blueskyresumesblog
Maggie Mistal: what if…
Miriam Salpeter: Keppie Careers Blog
Rich Milgram:
Steven Rothberg: Blog
Wendy Terwelp: Rock Your Career
Willy Franzen: One Day, One Job

I hope you’ll support Job Action Day by reading and commenting on the blogs from these terrific career professionals. Be sure to come back to this blog on Monday to read my post!

Top 10 Tips to Recession-Proof Your Career

“Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell ‘em, ‘Certainly I can!’ Then get busy and find out how to do it.” -Theodore Roosevelt

Now is the time to take on extra responsibilities on the job and move out of your comfort zone. Here are 10 tips to help you recession-proof your career:

1. Speak up at the next staff meeting. Make a positive contribution to the conversation and share your ideas. Don’t wait until something happens and then say, “Gee that was MY idea.” How would anyone have known?

2. Schedule a review with your boss. Make her aware of your valuable contributions. It’s not bragging if it’s true AND your boss may not be aware of all you do. Track your results now. Go back into your emails and see how many customers praised your work. Create a “me file.” Want more tips? Read: Revealing Your Personal Power in the Workplace.

3. Anticipate the needs of your coworkers — and other departments. You might be in product development, but you just read a good marketing article that’s on target for your company’s goals. Send it to your colleague in marketing with a brief note, “Saw this and thought you might find it helpful. Thanks for the hard work on the launch of the X project!”

4. Build bridges to other departments. When I worked in the newspaper industry there was a disconnect between advertising, production, and editing (reporting). I created a bridge simply by asking questions and learning more about the other departments. Cross train if your company has a program.

5. Provide genuine compliments. “Nice shoes” is OK, but “Wanda, your help on the gizmo project was invaluable. The fact that you were able to land coverage in Wired magazine, WOW!” is better. Good compliments are specific — and genuine.

6. Mentor the newbie. What tips can you provide that will help this person succeed in your organization?

7. Take a class and build your skills. But then you won’t have your MBA until you’re 40 you say? Yes, but you’ll still be 40… Why not have the degree?

8. Become a thought leader in your industry. Start a blog. Write a whitepaper. Speak at your next industry conference.

9. Network inside and outside the company. Take an active role on employee improvement teams, volunteer groups, and professional organizations.

10. Shake things up. Think of at least one thing you can do right now that would save your department money, streamline operations or improve morale. And just do it! “But it’s always been done like that” is old thinking. “How can I improve this” is new thinking.

Bonus: Build your brand! Increase your visibility the right way to attract opportunities to you. Now more than ever, you’ve got to be noticed. (And I don’t mean that picture of you dancing on the table on MySpace.) Google yourself now to see where you stand.

Want more tips? Visit our newsroom.

Twitter: Tweet tool for recruiting

By Peter Gray for Recruiter’s World:

Have you noticed that last year’s best sourcing tools are already losing their luster? Are Craigslist, LinkedIn, and Doostang are losing their punch? Well, someone once again “Moved Our Cheese,” as Spencer Johnson would put it. Here is where the cheese has gone:

Twitter Twitter is possibly the next great “happening” on the web. It is a micro-blog that works in a similar fashion to Facebook or LinkedIn section “what are you doing now” Twitter only allows users to post a few words, yet they update constantly via computer, blackberry, mobile phone, etc. It is addictive and users do CONSTANTLY update. Posts range from “eating pasta,” to “waxing the car” to “looking for a new job” to “getting ready to paint the house, ugg.” Many more uses to come once I get my head around this tool but for now we can post, for example, “looking for an Application Architects in Stamford ”

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Terwelp teams with Reach for Career Bailout

Free Career-services for Employees of Failed Banks and Financial Institutions


Today, Wendy Terwelp,, teams with Reach to announce the Career Bailout Program for employees of failed banks and financial services firms. The $700 billion taxpayer financed bailout will do a lot to shore up the financial industry, but will do little to help the average worker who – through no fault of his own – has found himself without a job.


“We hear a lot about the multi-million dollar payouts to CEOs of failed financial services firms, but little about the employees who are caught in the turmoil and have lost (or will lose) their jobs” said William Arruda, President of New York- based Reach Personal Branding. “There will be a lot of resumes of competent professionals flooding the market from Lehman Bros, Bear Sterns, Washington Mutual (WaMu) and Wachovia employees – making it much more challenging to find the ideal job,” he added. “Personal Branding is a way to discover and project clear differentiation and value. It will help these new job seekers out-compete in a very crowded employment market, and Reach Personal Branding Strategists are here to help.”


Reach and our Reach Preferred Personal Branding Strategists, like Wendy Terwelp, got together to offer a free ‘career package’ to employees of these failed financial institutions. Included in the package are a resume review, 360°Reach personal brand assessment and an Online ID evaluation. This will help job-seekers jump-start their job search, focus on the positive and develop valuable and differentiated positioning in this incredibly competitive space. With a lot of banking industry resumes on the street touting similar credentials and experience, the key to success is to stand out and offer differentiated value. This is an opportunity for employees to re-think their careers and their candidature, understand their personal brand and develop a strategy for finding their next role.


Target individuals for this program include anyone whose last employer was Bear Sterns, Wachovia, WaMu or Lehman Bros and who lost his/her job as a result of the recent failure. The program will expand should other institutions meet the same fate. Individuals who qualify will be able to select a personal branding coach who will provide the services included in this career bailout package free of charge. These services are limited, and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.


About Reach and Reach Preferred Personal Branding Strategists:


Founded by William Arruda in 2001, Reach is the global leader in personal branding. The Reach Preferred Personal Branding Strategists are a select group of the over 250 Reach trained coaches who are experts in all aspects of personal branding for career-minded professionals and executives. Those who are participating in the Career Bailout are: Walter Akana, Kim Batson, Nancy Branton, Michael Colemyn, Rob Cuesta, Deb Dib, Kirsten Dixson, Susan Guarneri, Steve Lanza, Kristen Jacoway, Bernadette Martin, Wendy Terwelp, and Erin Yoshimura.


Learn more at:


Get a PR Job here

All hail Peter Shankman of HARO (Help a Reporter Out) for this lead:

Just starting out? Breaking in? Get your job here. –

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Thanks for the cool resource Peter!