Facebook & Privacy: What are your thoughts?

One of my clients asked: “Do you find that Facebook is the place for networking? I tend to want to keep that behavior focused on Linked In, as I don’t use that environment in the same way…”

My reply:
First, I am a huge fan of LinkedIn, especially for professional networking and job search. However, Facebook is fast becoming the “next best thing” for the 35 and older crowd. Here is a chance to let your personality shine. But no matter where you are online, it is important to keep it professional. 83% of employers Google their employees and interview candidates, so the chance that you can be found online is a pretty sure thing.

As you know, anything online goes on your “permanent record” – just like we were told in grade school! Only, with things like the Wayback Machine and other resources, it is actually true.

Whatever you put out there online, think, “What would my mom say about that?” or “What would my boss think about that?”

I do think you are smart in tightening up your privacy settings. Very smart! I think it gives you a little more freedom.

Let me know your thoughts. – W.

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