Your kid’s blog can get you FIRED

Have you checked your kid’s blog lately? The content could get you fired.

That was the big news story on WTMJ Channel 4 in Milwaukee last night. They had stories from parents who were fired, turned down for promotions, demoted, and more based on what their kids said about them on blogs.

And the blog quotes from kids were things like, “My parents are lazy alcoholics,” “My dad does drugs,” and other wonders.

How did they get found out? Easy. Online search engines like Google. Online it is very easy to find out who someone is. Parents were found from the kids’ profiles, which they had filled out in detail on social networking sites like MySpace.

Advice to combat this situation?

1. Google yourself – and your kids. Find out what’s online. Uncover any digital dirt – and bury it.

2. Be sure your kids have all the privacy settings checked on their blogs.

3. Regularly check your kids’ blogs for content.

4. Talk with your kids and emphasize the importance of keeping private family matters off blogs.

5. Directly from WTMJ: “A note about privacy settings: Even if your kids turn their’s on when they send messages and pictures to friends, they have no control over whether those friends keep their page private. So the images and info may still get out there. “

Read the entire news story here.

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