Manpower’s Employment Outlook Survey

Here’s the latest from the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey (released March 2007) by the trades. These are the net-employment outlooks on a seasonally adjusted basis for each of the 10 industries tracked by Manpower:

* Mining, 26%, down from 29% who planned to hire in the first quarter

* Wholesale and retail trade, 20%, down from 22%

* Services, 19%, down from 23%

* Transportation and public utilities, 19%, up from 17%

* Non-durables manufacturers, 18%, flat from 18%

* Durable-goods manufacturers, 17%, down from 18%

* Finance, insurance and real estate, 17%, up from 15%

* Construction, 16%, down from 18%

* Public administration, 16%, down from 18%

* Education, 15%, down from 17%

Sources: Market article, Related Report from BLS: “Employment Situation Summary,”

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