Online Brand: Nasty or Nice?

This week’s WXP News had a great article that also relates to the job search process – and your online identity. If you were not aware, about 35% or more of recruiters and employers check your online identity before they meet with you. It’s amazing what a quick Google search can find out.

Also, much of job searching today is done via email. Quick, email your resume to an ad or online post. Before sending, check out your subject line. Is it relevant and attention-getting in a good way? What’s your cover letter or intro like in the email? Does it portray you in a favorable way, while addressing the needs of the employer? Have you spell-checked it?

Think about email ettiquette throughout the job search process, not just in the first email. How do you respond to their request for more information? For clarification? For setting up the interview?

And sadly, how do you respond if you are rejected?

Suggestions: Keep cool. Ask for suggestions. If this is the type of career you wish to persue, perhaps they have some tips for you.

Here’s a link to the WXP News article: Flame Away: Does the ‘Net Make People Nastier?.

One thought on “Online Brand: Nasty or Nice?

  1. Sounds simple, easy, quick & easy to find a job on the Net. The one ingredient that appears to be left out is: People.

    It is still people that hire and fire. I’d rather see their eyeballs, (the employer’s) than stare at a screen.

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