Career Exploration: One-Week Gigs

Sean Aiken - one week jobCheck out Sean Aiken’s blog – one candidate’s innovative technique to explore careers at:

This guy’s getting a lot of play and some interesting offers. Here’s what I like about this concept:

1. He’s exploring all types of careers and trying to discover his passion

2. He’s creating a terrific online identity and a strong brand (passion for travel rules “dude”)

3. He’s getting tons of press and links to the blog

4. Along the way he’s raising money for a good cause, “Make Poverty History.”

4. He’s getting paying sponsors for trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up!

A few suggestions:

1. Obviously this is a guy who likes to experience things in order to determine what he wants to be. I can also recommend some cool assessment tools to help him along his journey.

2. Express strong interests. If travel’s what you love, explore more travel-related careers, rather than a flower shop.

3. What a way to network – build and solidify those relationships. One never knows where it will carry you next. (For more networking tips, check out: Rock Your Network.)

I think it will be interesting to check in on Sean and see where he lands next.

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