Personal Branding: Myth, Madness, What?

Recently, a member of one of my LinkedIn groups asked, “I hear the term branding a lot, but rarely if ever see examples of it! Is it merely a catch phrase, or it is a real, effective strategy?”

Let’s bottom line it, shall we?

I was a recruiter prior to becoming a career coach. And I have a solid network of recruiters and employers across the country. Here’s the common thread, candidates who fit the culture of the company stick. Those who don’t, don’t. Recruiters to this day still tell me if a candiate doesn’t make the cut, 90% of the time, it’s because they were not a “right fit.”

Here are some real examples of personal branding from a few of my clients:

1. One of my clients, a sales representative, was known as “The Cold Call King.” He provided me with documentation of the same. We used it in his cover letter AND provided backup in terms of results (i.e. why he was deemed “The Cold Call King” by his company president).

2. Another client, a PR pro, was dubbed a “PR Martyr” by her coworkers. Yes, we used it, and again provided the backup.

3. And an industrial engineer client of mine shared his philosophy of design with me, which we used on his resume and his cover letter. Plus, I used a logo he designed on these docs as well – proof of performance. He also had a website, online ID, etc.

All three communicated their brands while networking, on the interview, and throughout their job search campaigns.

Bottom line is this – each of these clients was hired faster; each held positions long term; each got paid more than was expected.

Does personal branding work? The answer is a hearty YES!

When does it become a catch-phrase? When it’s merely talked about and NOT implemented.

When applied, can’t deny, it works.

Want to know where your brand stands? Take the quiz:

 Note: Artwork provided by SnapHappy Creative LLC

© 2011 | Wendy Terwelp | All rights reserved.

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