Yes Virginia, companies ARE hiring over the holidays

Companies ARE hiring over the holidays. Here are some short networking stories to give you some ideas to try during the next few weeks. Use them. Share them. Get your story in before Dec. 31, 2013.

1. Chris T. – HIRED as  Director of Sales and Business Development with a social media marketing firm. How’d he do it? He used a multi-step social media campaign – including Twitter and LinkedIn.

2. Jennifer A. – HIRED – How’d she do it? Went to a meeting at her church. Connected with several members. Followed up. Landed at her current position – and started this week.

3. Steve S. – OFFER PENDING – How’d he do it? Avid networker who reconnected with former coworkers over the holidays. They put him in touch with this opportunity. After his third interview, he’s awaiting the offer – this week. 

Go ahead! Try one or more of these ideas and share your story!

Share your holiday networking story and get a chance to win my book! That’s right – send in your holiday networking story to me directly: or post it here on this blog and get a chance to WIN!

The deadline is Dec. 31, 2013. The earlier you send in your stories, the better ’cause I’m feeling generous. We’ll be doing more than one drawing.

And, for those of you who simply can’t wait for a drawing, get my book, Rock Your Network® for Job Seekers, by clicking on the book cover.

I look forward to hearing all of your cool holiday networking stories. Thanks in advance for sharing!

PS: Here are links to two holiday networking stories – to give you some ideas:

“Holiday Networking: Pass the Nuts and Your Resume Please” and “Good News: Hired Over the Holidays.”

Note: Article originally published in 2010. Deadline updated for 2013. Send in your stories! | Graphic created by SnapHappy Creative LLC.

© 2010 – 2013 | Wendy Terwelp | All rights reserved.

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