Interview Tips from Last Comic Standing

Want to make it to the next round in your interview? Check out these tips gleaned from this week’s episode of “Last Comic Standing:”

1. Know your lines. You’ve got 30 seconds or less to get to the point and convey value. Many contestants were eliminated in less than 30 seconds.

2. Wear appropriate attire. One contestant was stopped mid opener. The judge said, “Really? You need a breastplate to deliver that line?” Then all three judges said, “It’s a no for me.”

3. Likability counts! Several contestants moved onto the next round – semi-finals – because the judges said, “I like you.” or “You’re likable.” or “Not only was that good material [see No. 1], but you had a good attitude. You’re likable.”

4. Address decision-makers and those you meet at the company by their correct names. One contestant was so nervous, he called the female judge the wrong name, TWICE, each a different name, and both wrong. She said simply, “You can stop now. It’s a no for me.” And of course her fellow judge had to say, “Me too, but I’m still calling you Nancy.” (Her name was Natasha.)

5. Keep smiling, even if you screw up. Remember No. 3, likability counts. (No, don’t smile like Jack Nicholson from “The Shining!” Keep it natural.)

Good luck! And if you’ve got good interview stories to share – from either side of the table – please do!

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3 thoughts on “Interview Tips from Last Comic Standing

  1. Thank you for sharing these tips. An advice I could give is to do a bit of research about the company. Some interviewers sometimes ask if you know the company’s goals and/or mission and vision. Knowing these would give the impression that you are really interested in working for the company.

    • Hi Natalie, you are absolutely correct. It is very important to research a company prior to your interview. Check the company’s website to obtain names of senior executives. Then Google the top execs using their name in quotes, like this: “Wendy Terwelp.” This gives you information about the top people, how they think, and what they value. Plus, you can often find news items where they’re quoted. Additionally, Google the company name itself, using quotes. See what pops up – what are their new products? What’s the reputation? What is something they’re having an issue with – that YOU can solve? All good material for your interview.

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