Random Acts of Kindness Fuel Your Network

Today started out in frustration. Frankly, I was just plain grumpy.

Then, while grabbing my mail in the office lobby, Diane, a staffer in my building, shared this story:

She was having a sub and was in the restaurant at an odd time. Not many people were around. She saw an executive order and, before he left, she saw that there was a $100 bill on the ground. As no one else had moved from their tables, she figured the money was his.

She gave it to him. He said thanks, then took off with his food.

A short time later, she saw the man outside. He came in and went right to her table. “Wow, I didn’t realize you had found my $100! It took me a couple blocks and then it hit me, you found my $100! Please let me buy you lunch.”

Diane turned him down and said she was just being honest. It’s what anyone would do. She told me he insisted on rewarding her honesty and left $20 on her table.

How cool was that? Diane’s honesty and the guy’s reward. Win-win.

Her story made my day. And changed my ‘tude.

Later today, I got an email from a business contact. He needed a freelance web designer and programmer. I referred him my two favorite experts in this area.

Keep the kindness rolling.

Challenge: What’s your random act of kindness story? Have you got one? Spread the word – and the kindness.

Want more tips to fuel your network? Check out “Rock Your Network®.”

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