Conan vs. Leno – which team are you on?

OK, I was trying to avoid even getting into this topic, however I had to see what all the fuss was about.

I saw Conan with Ricky Gervais (love Ricky) and they were both talking negatively about NBC. This was before Gervais hosted the upcoming awards show. Then I saw another episode, and there was Conan opening the stage drapes and showing off his “car mouse” made using the “most expensive car in the world.” He said he could do it because it was “in his contract.”

Conan O’Brien Goes on A Wild Spending Spree on NBC’s Dime

Leno instead, talked about how he had Late Night first and his boss, NBC made a change. He then calmly explained how he went with the decision, despite earning top ratings during his run. Now he gets his old job back. Very classy. No bad-mouthing his employer. No bad-mouthing Conan.

Here’s the CNN version.

What are your thoughts?

Mine are:
1. Don’t bad-mouth your employer, no matter what. I know it’s tough. Refrain yourself!
2. Television is a business. Crappy ratings can get you fired.
3. Don’t run up the bill before you leave — even if it is in your contract. Leaves a bad taste in your employer’s mouth and can hurt your chances of getting hired in the future. Think about it, who wants to hire an adult who has multimillion dollar temper tantrums? (Besides reality TV.)
4. Be professional. You are the brand. Own it.
5. Exit with class. You’ll still have a bridge, if you need it later. Look, they gave Leno his old job back. Oftentimes a person is downsized and later rehired. Classy exits give you a better shot.

Who would you rehire and why? Share your thoughts!

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