Job Seekers: Time for a Tweet

Job Seekers, are you on Twitter yet? If not, check out these current stats:

  • 73% of Executives find jobs through Social Networks.
  • Twitter was rated the No. 3 Social Networking site by Bloomberg.
  • Twitter has grown from 500,000 to over 19 million users in the last 9 months.


With this in mind, have you explored Twitter for your career search? If not, do so now.

Keep in mind some basics when you sign up:

1. Keep your posts short – 140 characters.

2. Be relevant. Do not tweet about how you are still looking for a job, but rather what you can do for an employer; demonstrate your thought leadership.

3. Be current. This does not mean you have to tweet 20 times a day, it does mean to tweet with regularity.

4. Be on brand. What’s your career target? What is relevant to this target? Which companies do you wish to work for? What will they find interesting about you?

5. Be personal – but not TOO personal. I do not care that you are in the bathroom tweeting, drinking coffee, opening a door or other mundane activities. I also don’t want to know about your extreme political views, religion or super negative attitude. Think about it like this, are these statements relevant to your career, job search or current employment? Would your mom like to hear about these things? How about your boss? If you think they’d be in shock, don’t tweet the info. Do tweet: relevant info from a conference, an opinion on a hot topic, interesting RELEVANT hobbies, and so on.

Go ahead! Move forward and try it out. For more ideas on what to tweet, follow people you want to know more about. You can check out my tweets at:

UPDATE: New Book – Twitter Job Search Guide! Came out 3/2010

Source for more Twitter Stats:

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