One Degree from Sarah Palin

Today I just received my LinkedIn updates and found that one of my clients was directly linked to Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin. WOW. That means I am only one degree from Palin and two degrees from McCain.

Exciting stuff. But, when emailing my client to find out more, I learned that she had volunteered for the Republican party regularly and that they are using LinkedIn to generate emails for campaigning purposes and to “spread the message.”

An interesting use of online media, eh?

And, to ensure equal coverage (yes, I was a former reporter), Obama’s been sending emails regularly to solicit campaign funds. Although Obama has not invited me to join his LinkedIn network.

What are your thoughts on this?

My View: Every contact in my LinkedIn network is someone I actually know personally. At the very least, I have had a positive and in-depth conversation. That’s how I roll.

How do you? Share your stories!

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