Personal Branding and The Cold Call King

Fred was dubbed The Cold Call King. And he was. Fred could walk into any office building and walk out with an order. It was amazing.


How does this apply to your job search? Take it from Fred; sometimes making a call will get you to the right decision maker. Sometimes it’s a matter of timing. Your call came in, when Shirley walked out. You look professional. You have the right skill set. You get the interview — today. 


Your enthusiasm can shine through on a call. I recently hired an intern because she had guts cold calling me. She had a great pitch. She just graduated with her Masters degree in Counseling. She wanted to get her foot in the career industry and learn from the best. (Hey, who doesn’t like being called the best?) And she said she’d do whatever it took to get there. If I needed filing done, she could do it. She wasn’t picky. She also had tons of enthusiasm. Throughout the interview process — and since the day I brought her on board — she was on time, dressed professionally, and the one word she used to describe herself was “excited.” It shone through. My clients loved the positive attitude and professionalism. Now it’s your turn.


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