Always on the lookout for a new gig? Keep your network up to date

Constantly on the make – for a new job that is.

More than half the executives (57 percent) in a 2007 survey were actively searching for a job or preparing for one, and 75 percent of surveyed execs (average annual salaries of $197,000) were unhappy with their jobs, according to ExecuNet, an executive recruiting and networking company that did the research.

Yet, here’s what happens. We get too busy to retain, rebuild, and remain connected with our networks. And when it comes time to look for a job, that’s when we hit our network hard. No more begging!

Get reconnected NOW if you’ve let your network lapse. Here are five things you can do RIGHT NOW to reconnect – and they take less than five minutes. Yes, really. Networking is no longer a two-hour lunch.

1. Send an email with an article you know is relevant to your connection. Just today I reconnected with a recruiting solutions director pal by sending an article link on his fave topic, employer branding.

2. Send a card. E-cards are fine, real cards are even better.

3. Make a 5-minute call. Ask about THEM. What’s the latest? How are their kids? Set up a time to have a real conversation.

4. Get on LinkedIn and add some new people by sending out quick invitations.

5. Update your contact list! Who’s still hot, who is not? Get it on a system. Here’s a free networking database: JibberJobber.

Want more tips on networking? Check out our Opportunity Knocks newsroom right here: – under Networking.



One thought on “Always on the lookout for a new gig? Keep your network up to date

  1. You gave some really good advice. One’s network can really open doors, as well as offer a way to help others.

    Thanks for your blog.

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