10 Worst Jobs

So, you think you got it bad? Check out this story:

Scientists get down and dirty on job
By Beth Sussman, USA TODAY

Tired of sitting in a cubicle punching numbers and pushing papers? Imagine searching for whale feces or diving into the waste lagoon at a pig farm.

Those are among the 10 worst jobs in science, says the July edition of Popular Science magazine, out Tuesday.

Jobs on the list range from studying garbage to diving for hazardous materials to gravity research subjects and Olympic drug testers.

“We realized that the best jobs in science are just kind of boring,” Popular Science editor Mark Jannot says.

“But bad jobs are bad in amazing and funny and gross ways.”

The staff of Popular Science votes on the rankings based on personal judgments.

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2 thoughts on “10 Worst Jobs

  1. I thought my boss was the greatest buy in the world until I found out she was back stabbing me. Then i found out how cruel life can really be. Don’t ever get close to someone you think you “love” because you just get stabbed and get hurt in the end. I thought it was love but it wasn’t it was more like a disaster. he hurt me more than ever. all i can say is you always hurt the one you love

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