What’s invisible to you may be most valuable to others…

Had to share this fantastic article with you today by Michel Neray, Essential Message. Want to find your inner rock star, check out the article:

You’ve got to be pretty special to make it to the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

According to the cover story, Amy Winehouse’s ‘stylized collection of R&B throwbacks that sound like a British hip-hop brat’s interpretation of Sixties Motown soul in the best possible way, gave Winehouse the highest-charting U.S. debut ever by a British female.’

It goes on to say; ‘Those who have only heard her voice express shock upon seeing the body that produces it: The sultry, crackly, world-weary howl that sounds like the ghost of Sarah Vaughn comes from a pint-size Jewish girl from North London, world-weary though she may be.

But what really caught my eye in the article was Amy’s own admission that she couldn’t believe it when a friend in the music business had seen one of her earliest perfomances in England and offered to hook her up with some studio time to record some demos.

“I didn’t believe he’d actually let me do it,” she says. “I was like, ‘What’s in it for you?” I just don’t get why he would be so willing to help me. Because I didn’t think it was special to be able to sing.”

Not anything special? That’s something I hear a lot from members of the Bull Pen — who all have their own special expertise, skill or way of doing things, but it comes so naturally, so effortlessly, it’s obvious to everyone but themselves.

Is it possible that you have your own special expertise, skill or way of doing things that comes so naturally and so effortlessly, it’s obvious to everyone but you?

Do you think it might be worth finding out what it is?

2 thoughts on “What’s invisible to you may be most valuable to others…

  1. It happens all the time. The problem is that our greatest talents and strengths tend to be the things that come most naturally to us, and it’s hard for us to understand that

    a) they may not come so naturally to other people, and
    b) for that very reason, other people might value what we do

    Asking other people to help us work out what our unique gifts are is not something that comes naturally to most people, yet it’s the easiest way to do it. Ask people you respect and trust, ask a loved one, ask your colleagues, your co-workers, your direct reports. A simple question like ‘why do you buy from me’ to a customer can open up a gold mine.

  2. This story is a perfect example of the talent not knowing the value. As a new author, I’ve found myself having to do a lot of public speaking — a talent I didn’t think I possessed because…writing was my thing. Three times recently I’ve been called a “dynamic speaker.” Blew me away. I’ve found in working with clients as well that where their passion lies is where you’ll find talent…and I mean real, marketable talent. Case in point is a woman I know who is a spiritual woman – written a few books – works with prisoners and has a heart for helping those who don’t see a future. While her initial talent manifested in the written word, the talent she didn’t fully realize until opportunity presented was her ability to speak and touch others. She had been doing that for years with some of the worst death-row inmates in the world, but really didn’t think of it as her primary talent. It is now what she is marketing nationwide. It is important to explore by asking others who know you — attempting that which frightens you a little — and following the natural course from one talent into the next (because we all have a set of talents – not just one). I’m a huge proponent of networking — but networking on purpose with the right connections in order to make even better connections is a must. Everyone has at least one connection with which to start.

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