Summer Job Hunting: Is anyone there?

My pal Kim Issacs at & asked me a great question this week for an article she’s writing – What shoud job seekers do in the summer months when key contacts may be on vacation? (And of course people’s minds are not all business in states like mine – Wisconsin – during the summer. Can you say festivals? Yep, already planning my attendance and checking out the bands coming to Summerfest.)

Well, it was a terrific question and really got me thinking. Here are some quick tips for summer job hunting – no they do not include laying out – but some tips may surprise you:

  1. Summer is an awesome time to network – in person and online. Yes, I have actually landed new business at Summerfest. Really. Carry your cards with you at all times (job seekers, create networking cards) – and be on good behavior. Online – social networking is huge. LinkedIn is one of the top sites for professional networking – check out your profile. Is it the “you” you want to convey to employers? If not, update it.
  2. Pump up your personal brand! Yes, everyone has a brand whether they know it or not. How do people perceive you on the job — and off? Are you known for your sense of humor or savvy networking? How can you incorporate that into your next gig (or your current one)? Check out where your brand stands right here.
  3. Update your resume. How long has it been? Do you still have your age, “good health,” and marital status listed on your resume? If so, get over it and update it! Add new work history, including promotions, new achievements, continuing education or more. Or hire a professional resume writer to do it for you.
  4. Brush up on your skills. For example, if you’re a bit behind the times in computer skills, take a class or two. Not only would you improve your skills, but you’d have something new to add to your resumes, AND more importantly, have the opportunity to network and connect with others in the class.

  5. Giver’s gain. Help out someone with their job search. The more you help others get what they want, the more you’ll get what you want.

Enjoy the summer!

Note: As soon as Kim’s in-depth article comes out, you’ll see a link here. Be on the lookout!

3 thoughts on “Summer Job Hunting: Is anyone there?

  1. Hi Wendy – Thank you for the great summer job search tips! I love #5 — it’s true that you get back what you give (and more). Stay cool this summer! — Kim

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