Who are you? Google yourself and find out.

If you’re not checking out your online identity, someone else may be. Whether you’re looking for a job or running a business, digital dirt is out there.

According to a recent survey of 100 executive recruiters done by ExecutNet, 77% of recruiters reported using search engines to find background data on candidates. Of that number, 35% eliminated a candidate because of what they found online, an increase over the prior year’s total of 26%.

Of 136 executive job hunters surveyed, the vast majority (82%) expected recruiters to check their names out on a search engine. But only 33% actually searched for information on themselves, to see what employers might see.

What’s the net saying about you? Check out your current image. If there’s dirt, bury it by addressing the issues OR ensuring you have better – and more recent – material out there. Create an on-brand blog that highlights you in your best light. Check out my previous post “Blog and Get Hired” for some ideas.

4 thoughts on “Who are you? Google yourself and find out.

  1. My name “Rob Abdul” for the last 3 years has been my brand name.

    Google has 3,360,000 results for my name Rob Abdul.

    I was so proud when my name appeared in Google suggest.

    I’m Number 1 for my name on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL and many more!

    It may not sound like much but at least 60 to 80 people Google me a month.

    It is nice for the Ego, I must admit!

    I am an “ebusiness specialist” for which I can also be Googled, Binged or Yahooed for.

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