Social Media Can Get You FIRED

Saw this article today:

Social networks causing employee-employer issues
Think your boss won’t hear about the time you griped about him on Facebook? Tony Puckett says you should think again. ‘In the digital age, it’s easier than ever for employees to say things publicly and for you to hear about it,’ Puckett said Friday in a speech at the 2010 Oklahoma Human Resources Conference and Expo, held at the Renaissance Tulsa Hotel and Convention Center. Employees and employers …
2010-05-07 19:01:41 Tulsa World

YES, social media can get you fired – and I’ve seen the results.

One company president gave me a call. He hired me for outplacement of an employee. Why? She was fired because she was using Facebook and other social networks on the job – and it was not part of her job duties.

One connection posted how much he hated his job on Facebook. He must have forgotten that he was a member of his employer’s fan page and group. They saw the post.

Think about it like this, if it doesn’t pass the mom and boss test, don’t post it!

What do I mean? If your boss reads the post, could you lose your job?

If your mom read it, would you be embarrassed? You would? Don’t post it!

Take Action: Review your Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter and other social networks. Do they pass the test?

Facebook & Privacy: What are your thoughts?

One of my clients asked: “Do you find that Facebook is the place for networking? I tend to want to keep that behavior focused on Linked In, as I don’t use that environment in the same way…”

My reply:
First, I am a huge fan of LinkedIn, especially for professional networking and job search. However, Facebook is fast becoming the “next best thing” for the 35 and older crowd. Here is a chance to let your personality shine. But no matter where you are online, it is important to keep it professional. 83% of employers Google their employees and interview candidates, so the chance that you can be found online is a pretty sure thing.

As you know, anything online goes on your “permanent record” – just like we were told in grade school! Only, with things like the Wayback Machine and other resources, it is actually true.

Whatever you put out there online, think, “What would my mom say about that?” or “What would my boss think about that?”

I do think you are smart in tightening up your privacy settings. Very smart! I think it gives you a little more freedom.

Let me know your thoughts. – W.

Facebook: Should you add your boss as a friend?

Two pals of mine are quoted in this excellent article on how to use Facebook the RIGHT way. See great tips from Paul Copcutt, Square Peg Solution, and Jason Alba, Jibberjobber. Way to go!

Now on to the story’s topic: to share or not to share your personal life with your boss….

Allison Dunfield, Special to The Globe and Mail

When his boss found him on Facebook, a 26-year old worker with a Toronto theatre company thought nothing of accepting her request to make him her “friend.”

Now, he deeply regrets it.

“I ‘friended’ her, not really thinking anything of it, but she went through and looked at all my stuff,” he says.

That stuff included several photographs of him dancing in his living room, others of him “just standing around, looking forlorn off into the distance.”

His boss freely commented on them. About his dancing, she wrote: “Nice moves. I didn’t know you had it in you.” About looking forlorn: “You have that far-off look in your eyes.”

It all made him very uncomfortable, he says, as though she were invading a part of his life where she just did not belong.


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