Do One Thing

One finger

Just got back from the Career Thought Leaders conference where I was a presenter. What a positive experience!

Now, it’s back to work and there is a lot to do. I’m guessing I’m not alone in that feeling. Who hasn’t gotten back from a trip and then looked at the huge pile of work looming on their desk waiting to be completed?

The same is true for job seekers. With so much advice coming at you, it can be overwhelming, and sometimes tough to know where to begin.

Here are some suggestions to help you get things done and whittle that pile down to a manageable size.

1. Do ONE thing. Just one. Taking that first step is a start in the right direction. My friend Dr. Rich Schaefer, author of “Extreme Thought Makeover” says, if you want to get into an exercise routine, just take that first step on the treadmill. The rest will follow. The same thing with your work. Do ONE thing.

2. Baby steps. Yes, if you watched the movie What About Bob? that’s the concept. Break up those overwhelming tasks into smaller chunks. What’s one thing you can do right now that takes you toward your goal? Just one.

3. The daily list. Rather than making a huge list that has item after item after item on it, break it down. What are the top three things you’ve got to finish today? Make a list of action items before you go to work each morning. This way, you’ll get most things done and not respond to all those emails, tweets, calls, and questions before knocking some items off your list.

Getting a blog post in today was one of my things. What’s one of yours? Have you done it yet?

Share YOUR ideas of how you get things done. We’re listening.

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