Update skills for your new career

Time to update those skills for your next career move – and the government will help you fund it. Here’s the latest courtesy of Joel Dresang of JSOnline.com:

College Notebook: Education money for dislocated worker

By Joel Dresang of the Journal Sentinel

While workforce development agencies are trying to rustle up more retraining assistance for increased numbers of dislocated workers, the U.S. Department of Education has announced $11.25 million in grants to community colleges for unemployed workers and working adults.

Three Wisconsin technical colleges are among the participants:

  • Milwaukee Area Technical College is awarded $350,001.
  • Gateway Technical College, in Kenosha, receives $497,938.
  • Madison Area Technical College gets $453,509.

The grants to 29 projects in 20 states are meant to support innovations in postsecondary education that can be national models.

“These grants give community colleges an opportunity to tailor their activities and instruction to meet the unique needs of adult learners, many of whom must retrain to re-enter the 21st century workforce with newly honed skills,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan said in announcing the awards.


More tips from Wendy Terwelp:

It’s mission critical to have updated skills when job hunting. Not knowing how to use email or basic word processing tools like Word can hinder your search, especially when recruiters and employers alike demand the basics – and often require resumes to be emailed rather than “snail mailed.” (Meaning sending a hard copy.) Tech schools like those listed above have solid programs in these areas and they are practical. Other tech school courses are often taught by practicing professionals who have day jobs in their areas of expertise. A great way to make new connections for your next gig – through the instructor. Of course, your fellow classmates can be great networking resources as well.

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