Personal Branding and The Likable Engineer

Hired Engineer

Hired Engineer

Guest Blogger: Robert Bachman, The Likable Engineer

(with editorial notes by Wendy Terwelp)

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I successfully landed a position as a Project Manager. It is a great fit and I am looking forward to starting my new position.  I wish to thank you again for the chat we had after your branding workshop and the advice you provided me.

(Note: Bob landed his new gig less than 4 weeks after attending my workshop.)

I have received many positive comments on my tag line “The Likable Engineer”.  I have only received one negative from another engineer, who thought it trite and self-serving, but at least he remembered.  OBTW: He’s typical engineer that can’t get out of his comfort zone and network.

(Note: Bob gets it. Strong personal brands attract and repel. It’s OK the other engineer didn’t get it, because Bob did – and is hired with a company that fits his brand.)

Here is a synopsis of my search, since as an engineer I like to focus on numbers, and also what I learned this time around.

To share my numbers in 141 days of searching it was a 6-to-7 hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week job.  I sent out 28 resumes, 32 marketing letters, had 41 one-on-one networking meetings, went to 31 networking events, had 15 interviews, did 7 mentoring/coaching sessions with people [some their first search in 20+ years], volunteered for 5 events, spoke to 4 groups on the techniques of networking in the job search from the perspective of someone doing it daily, and did a great deal of sharing my job seeking knowledge.

(Note: Check out how Bob totally embraced the “givers gain” philosophy – even though he was out of work – he still helped others! Bob’s rock star attitude is important to grasp as well as his givers gain actions. Hence my bold phrases in the above paragraph.)

I often get asked what did I learn in the process:

1) I learned I am in sales and marketing selling MY value proposition,

2) I learned language is so important.  It’s not I think I can do the job, it’s I know I can do the job. Think, can, and maybe where appropriate are replaced with know, will, and absolutely.

3)  I discovered in myself a real desire to help others through this process.  I will continue to provide support where I can through 40Plus and other venues to coach and mentor.  I have learned too much to bury it in the sand.  It continues to make me wonder what else God has planned for me.

We learn more from giving then we do from getting.

(Note: What more can I say? Bob, you have said it all. I hope readers find this inspiring. Feel free to share your story!)

6 thoughts on “Personal Branding and The Likable Engineer

  1. Having gone thorugh a similiar circus act just over a year ago, I feel your pain. I certainly understand the amount of effort that goes into developing a Personal Brand, and how much it really is required in this job market.

    One of the lessons learned I would like to share is that it is imperative that we all develop our Perosnal Brand (or professional internet presence, if you prefer) while we are employed. If we wait until we are on the job hunt, it is most likely too late.

    Hard work always pays off.

    • Thanks for sharing your story John!

      Your lesson is dead on. One recruiter on LinkedIn told me he looks at 200 to 300 resumes A DAY. That means you’ve got to have a strong brand to separate yourself from the herd and stand out.

      Brands evolve. Start now. You can always evolve as you grow during your career.

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