Email, shmemail…

Job seeker Randy Eby said, “I have been bit by this at least twice that I know of. Do not use graphics in e-mails for signatures and tag lines in your job search.
a. I have had occasions where my e-mail was blocked or treated as spam/junk mail because of graphics.
b. My LinkedIN banner blocked me at least twice that I know of on job submissions.
c. I also have sent inquiries concerning products or services which were blocked until I found out the cause.
d. Switch to a non graphic format for your signature.”

Good tips Randy, thanks for sharing! Here are a few more:

1. If you’ve got a crazy email address ’cause it sounded cool at the time, get a new email address that you use for your job search. One recruiter pal of mine, who hires paralegals, said she immediately dismissed a resume sent by (Yes I changed the end address!)

2. Use your own name in your new email address. That way you have a consistent brand – name on email matches name on resume.

3. Husbands and wives in job search mode, please each have your own email addresses. It’s more professional. Example: I Googled the email address of one job seeker – as the name was different. Her husband’s name came up. Checked it out on LinkedIn and there were pictures of the wife – in a bathing suit – pregnant. Whoops. She probably doesn’t want prospective employers seeing those as a first impression.

4. If you don’t have a computer at home, use the libary’s. They’re free and you can still create a free hotmail or yahoo account. Employers’ and recruiters’ preferred method of communication are email or phone. First responses are often emailed.

5. Check your email and spam folders regularly. Immediacy counts in a job search.

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