What to do when an Interviewer Uncovers Your Digital Dirt

Did you know that 77 percent of recruiters Google candidates? It’s true, according to a 2006 ExecuNet survey. And 35 percent of recruiters eliminate candidates based on what they find on Google.  

As a job seeker, it’s imperative you know what people can see online about you. Do you have digital dirt? You know, that fun party you were at – and the pictures that were posted on your friend’s blog. Oops! 

Two things you can do about digital dirt – bury it or sweep it under the rug. If there are incriminating photos or crazy postings – ask the blogger to remove them. If however, your misdeeds were featured in a major newspaper, say The Wall Street Journal – then you’ll need to take more dramatic action. One quick step – start your own professional blog. Blogs get higher rankings in Google and there is a chance you can quickly bury your dirt.  

However, if your dirt is uncovered by an interviewer, be prepared to explain yourself calmly and BRIEFLY during an interview. 

Challenge: Take action! Google yourself right now – and check out the dirt. Use quotes around your first and last name – so the dirt is all on you. 🙂

One thought on “What to do when an Interviewer Uncovers Your Digital Dirt

  1. I’d say this needs to be an ongoing “housekeeping” duty. You never know what friends are going to post…the college photo of you doing Jello shooters on Spring Break, or the time you dressed in an “inappropriate” costume for Halloween. The point is that you’ve got to continually manage your personal brand, and your reputation, in all areas of your life.
    Anita Bruzzese

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