Interview Self-Awareness Quiz

by Ian Christie,

Many employers are looking for candidates with a strong sense of self-awareness. So when you go in for the interview, are you ready to talk about yourself in a convincing way? It can be trickier that it sounds.

Go over this list of statements, indicating if you agree or disagree with them, to determine where you stand. Then we’ll give you suggestions on what you need to work on and how to do it.

Take the quiz here.

One thought on “Interview Self-Awareness Quiz

  1. The other thing to remember is to have stories in your mind to illustrate any qualities you’re going to highlight in the interview. the interviewer will already have a list of ‘tell me about a time when…’ questions ready to ask you, but if you start to take the initiative by talking about yourself confidently they’ll want you to back your persona up with illustrations, and they may – just may – forget to ask the drossy ‘tell me about a time when you managed a problem at work’ questions!

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