Down But Not Out – forays in networking

In Forbes May 2007 issue, author Barbara Ehrenreich writes about networking:

Why do people resist the idea of networking?

Most people encounter the notion of networking through the crisis of unemployment. Suddenly a layoff, downsizing or re-org leaves you without income, health insurance or a postbreakfast destination. What to do? “There are four ways to find a job,” an ExecuNet functionary told a group of white-collar job seekers I had joined in 2004 as an undercover journalist–“networking, networking, networking and networking.” My own career coach, whom I was paying $200 an hour to propel me into employment, advised networking with every single human I could buttonhole, even for a second: the person seated next to me on a plane, my doctor, my doctor’s receptionist.

It should be fun, right?  Read on!

While I enjoyed her excellent and well-researched article, I have to disagree that networking always stinks and is never fun. I do agree, however, her committment to “networking from the heart.” YES. Givers gain. Check out how marketing coach Ronnie Noize and I turn things around and keep ’em positive in our teleclass, Seven Secrets of Networking, Thursday, May 31.

And for more fun, yes I said fun, about networking, check out the MP3 of Rock Your Network (R).

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