Great Places to Work: The List

Want a nice place to work? Check out this information from Fast Company:

The Center for Companies that Care, a not-for-profit organization, strives to make businesses more conscious of the human toll of their decisions and recognizes companies that have put in the extra effort for their employees. Marci Koblenz, the Center’s co-founder and president, says, “There were a few things that emerged as very clear differences among companies. Some employers were concerned about the well being of their employees and it permeated everything they did.”

The Ten Characteristics of a Caring Company:

1. Sustains a work environment founded on dignity and respect for all employees 2. Makes employees feel their jobs are important 3. Cultivates the full potential of all employees 4. Encourages individual pursuit of work/life balance 5. Enables the well-being of individuals and their families through compensation, benefits, policies and practices 6. Develops great leaders, at all levels, who excel at managing people as well as results 7. Appreciates and recognize the contributions of people who work there 8. Establishes and communicate standards for ethical behavior and integrity 9. Gets involved in community endeavors and/or public policy 10. Considers the human toll when making business decisions

Read the article for the list of 35 companies on the 2007 Center for Companies that Care Honor Roll:

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