Blogging: Recruiters & Job Seekers Connect

Check out this article in the Wall Street Journal’s Career Journal – all about blogging and using it as not only a recruiting tool, but a job seeking tool as well.

More and more online identities count in the job search. More and more recruiters and employers Google your name to find out more about you. What’s your current digital dirt status? Need to cover up some dust bunnies?

This article provides some solid tips to manage your online identity using blogs. And I am a bit biased since my friend Kirsten Dixson of Brandego is profiled. 🙂 Way to rock Kirsten!

Read on!

PS: Kirsten and I — along with JibberJobber founder Jason Alba — will be talking about online identities, brand management, and social networking at the upcoming Career Masters Institute conference at the end of this month.

4 thoughts on “Blogging: Recruiters & Job Seekers Connect

  1. When I got my internship at Edelman, they’d asked for my blog names and whether I had a MySpace page. Although they didn’t check the MySpace page, I know that they wanted to know what I was blogging on.

  2. Everyone’s contributions to the internet (blogs, myspace, websites) will be their resume in the future. Keeping your online profile clean will be very important as time goes on. Thnaks for sharing!

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