Ready for Your Close-Up, Mr. CEO?

Ready for Your Close-Up, Mr. CEO?
Brand like a celebrity
Feb. 8, 2007

By Stacy Straczynski

Lights, camera…action! Picture any celebrity. Whether it’s actor Brad Pitt, rocker Steven Tyler of Aerosmith or talk-show host/comedian Jay Leno, you know not only who he is and his level of talent, but also what quality of showmanship to expect. Hollywood and musical icons have perfected what it takes to stay in the limelight because staying in the public eye means staying in business.

As an executive, why should you be any different?

A good deal of your career success today depends on your public image. Professional colleagues need to immediately recognize and associate your name as a business icon if you’re going to be a coveted hire. But like the celebrities, you’ll need to promote your self as a brand to get that fame. 

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