The Seven Deadly Sins of an Interview

Puts a spin on the seven big ones. Have you been guilty? This info is courtesy of

Pride: An excessive love of self
You have years of experience, you’ve earned respect and accolades in your field, but any arrogance will come back to bite you. Remember that seemingly insignificant person you barked at this morning for snagging that prime parking space? Yep, that’s the boss’ assistant. Getting the brush off after what seemed to be a great interview? Right. It’s that assistant again, this time with payback.Once you’re within a mile of an interview, treat every person you come in contact with as though someday, they’ll be your boss or you’ll be theirs. Take time to warmly greet the receptionist, thank the assistant for that glass of water, and put your best foot forward to anybody who conceivably could weigh in on your candidacy.

Read on!

Oh — and be sure to send them each a thank you note! Often executive assistants are brought in for that “gut feeling” evaluation.

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