Jobs: Hot Picks for 2007

While Melissa and Joan Rivers pick what’s hot and what’s not for the red carpet during the award shows, the employment industry has it’s own predictors for what’s hot – and what’s not – in 2007. Here’s the hot list from Fast Company:

Fast Company’s Top 10 Hot Jobs for 2007 — including hot industries and not-so-traditional jobs:

Experience Designer: Work in the retail industry, creating a shopping experience unique to the particular store/product

Medical Researcher: Most coveted in the healthcare industry is research of cancer, Alzheimer disease, and the development of prosthetics

Web designer: According to, the profession is still developing, and 2007 will see a new era of web design

Security Systems Engineer: Employees in the protective services industry can expect to be in demand and a rise in salary in 2007. Individual with a head for engineering and computers can expect up to seven-figure salaries.

Urban Planners: Pre-fab one-level homes for baby boomers are changing the face of suburban America and boosting the demand for urban planners…

Viral Marketers and Media Promoters: Viral marketers are those who know how to build an audience from nothing with little more than rumor and excitement, like MySpace.

Talent Agents: As fame rises for performers and athletes, a new arena opens for their managers, promoters, and general go-to guys. These are some of the most competitive positions in the entertainment industry.

Buyers and Purchasing Agents: The future of the retail industry lies in the hands of the buyers and purchasing agents, according to Trends Journal.

Art Directors: There will be a high demand for the 20 – 30 age demographic for jobs involving painting, lights, cameras, and action.

News Analysts, Reporters, and Bloggers: Publications with an online division now hire three levels of correspondents: print new writers, online news writers, and bloggers.

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