Networking: Holiday Party Alert!

Are holiday parties important to your business & your career?  

Experts say YES!  

Find out how to make the most of this holiday season by rocking your network ’round the Xmas tree (or at least the buffet line at all the holiday parties you’ve been invited to)!

My pal Ronnie Noize (the marketing coach) interviewed me (Wendy Terwelp…see my mug shot below if you’ve forgotten me so soon) in a recent teleseminar.

Wendy Terwelp She got me to totally spill my guts! I am a little embarassed to admit that I told her all my secrets for networking during the holidays. I even explained why holiday parties could be your BEST networking opportunities of the year!

What was I thinking?  Was it the eggnog?  Was it the dancing?  The hats?  Well, my moment of indiscretion is your holiday bonus, so go ahead, take advantage of my lapse in judgement…

Rock Your Network®: An Interview with Networking Expert Wendy Terwelp

HEY! If you missed the teleseminar and want to get the fantastic audio and the transcript, you’re in luck!  Just click the link below, and upon completion of your payment, you will be immediately redirected to the order page to get your own copy of the notes, transcript, and audio:

Happy holidays! 

– Wendy 

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