Aloha – BYU students crank up their careers

Thanks BYU-Hawaii for iniviting me to present Power Up Your Career and Rock Your Network(R) programs to your students.

Here are a few more tips from the Power Up presentation:

1) When we talk about contact information, it must be in a readable font and contain a professional email address (unprofessional ones can land in the circular file – or worse – never reach an employer’s desk); 2) Bottom line achievements. They must be relevant to the career goal, bulleted under job descriptions, and most importantly, specify your value using numbers (dollars are best); 3) Using recruiters – the temp job helps you build connections inside a company where you wish to work – creating an inside network!

Getting a clear career focus seemed the hardest for students. It was for me when I was a student. Career Centers can help – and so can these assessment tools:

True Colors – FREE Assessment: “FollowYour True Colors to the Work You Love” by Carolyn Kalil. (The free assessment is in the upper lefthand corner.)

MAPP Assessment – FREE: The MAPP Assessment reveals the real you: your natural motivations, interests and talents for work.

One thought on “Aloha – BYU students crank up their careers

  1. Hey Wendy, next time you get an invite like that I’d be happy to go with you 😉 (not interested in North Dakota thought, it has to be an island).

    Any chance you are going to post the rest of your presentation, or the highlights?

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