Spamalot – Is Your Resume Getting Caught in Spam Filters?

On a recent Monday morning, Olga Ocon, an employment recruiter in Los Altos, Calif., decided to sift through a folder containing e-mails identified as spam. Tucked away among 756 ads for Viagra, cellphones and loan-refinancing offers, which were all set to be deleted after a few days, were eight resumes.Every week, Ms. Ocon receives more spam, increasing the chances that she could miss a good job candidate. “If it’s in there, it’s going to be harder to dig out,” she says. She suspects that one resume containing the phrases “four-time winner of sales awards” and “oversaw in excess of $40,000,000 in sales” was caught by a program on her computer that is designed to filter out e-mail containing money-making offers.

Jeffery Warner, who sent that resume, also is troubled by the effects of spam. “It’s hindering employers that are looking for the right people, and of course it’s hurting the people that are out there seeking jobs,” he says. The 51-year-old former marketing manager in the Dallas-Fort Worth area says his resume has been identified as spam several other times.

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