Inside Scoop – from a hiring gatekeeper

George Blomgren is sharing the inside scoop on his blog For Job Seekers. George is a gatekeeper.

What I love about George’s Insider’s Scoop article is that he shares some of the top reasons why a person is not chosen for the job. This info is important to know – and review – when you’re in the market for a new gig.

My personal favorite is attitude. Attitude is everything, the old saying goes. In this case, it’s true. When working with a labor relations director during a major outplacement program I ran, she told me, “I look for attitude. Attitude is everything. You can always teach a skill. You can never teach someone to have a positive attitude.”

Here are some quick “attitude” tips when networking and interviewing during your job search: Be positive. Convey enthusiasm. Demonstrate to employers that you want the job.

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