Cover Letters: You can quote me on this

Sick of writing the same old cover letter? “I saw your ad….” Yeah, you and 100,000 other people. So, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Try using some quotes that support the qualifications requested in the ad. They’re looking for a top-producing sales rep? Why, your last boss dubbed you “The Cold Call King.” Use it — and attribute it.

They need a PR whiz fully committed to nonprofit? Your coworkers call you “The PR Martyr.” Use it. And provide an example. “I’m committed to nonprofit. So committed, I once brought in a cot so we could make the media deadline — and get the press coverage we needed. Ever since then, my coworkers call me, ‘The PR Martyr.’ I can make this same commitment to your organization.” What’s your brand? Name it. Market it.

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