Does your network rock?

Survey says – it better if you want to land a new job.

This from today's The Executive Insider newsletter (published by ExecuNet).

According to the survey of 1,483 professionals with an average salary of $193,000, the top three sources for job interviews include:
Networking contacts (46%);
Internet job listings (24%); and
Unsolicited contact from a recruiter (5%).

ExecuNet also states that the findings of a separate survey of 181 search firms show that,

…during the past twelve months, 63% of all executive job openings were filled with a candidate that was sourced through networking. Other top sources recruiters relied on during the past year include internal resume databases, which helped fill 16% of all openings and Internet job postings, which accounted for 11% of executive placements.

Thanks to Deb Dib posting on Career Hub for the latest survey results: 

How are you spending your time?

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