Networking: Be Open to Amazing Stories

Networking can take place anytime, anywhere. Be open to all possibilities and be willing to listen attentively to people’s stories. There are many amazing stories out there, like Mildred’s.

Here’s what happened while waiting for my plane at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) this weekend.

I was sitting in the waiting area, which was jammed. The plane was deboarding around the same time passengers for the next flight were supposed to board. The woman next to me and I both look at our tickets and start talking about the flight.

The conversation begins simply and comfortably. She asks me where I’m going – it’s Milwaukee. She tells me Milwaukee’s her connecting flight to San Diego. I tell her I’m jealous because San Diego is gorgeous. She shares with me that she’s speaking in San Diego, mentions the convention title, and then shares her story…

Had I not paid attention to those around me and just focused on my book, I never would have had the privilege to meet her.

Here’s who she is – and her story of survival: Mildred Muhammad


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